Tuesday, 5 July 2016

45/100 Building sober muscle

Day 45 yet another tough day. Work was terrible, stressful and had a ranty boss dumping all her problems on me all day. Disgraceful considering she is a clinical psychologist.

Had a mini temper tantrum at about 3pm and spent 4 hours fantasising about drinking wanting to drink "at" all the crap but after just thinking on it for a while I ended up thinking myself out of it.

The only positive I can add is that I lost the plot so spectacularly today that I think I popped the rage bubble in myself. We will see but I felt a shift at the end of the day.

Lastly I noticed that one of my blog friends has turned her blog private and I feel sad that I won't read anything from her again. Hopefully it is a short term thing. What a shame.

Ginger Groundhog


  1. 4 hours! Wow, that's quite a workout session. I promise you, you won't have 4 hour stretches of fantasizing about booze five years from now, maybe 4 minutes, but not 4 hours.
    You conquered it though! Warrioress!
    I think some blogs become like soap operas, we turn in daily to get our fix of drama, usually in the comments-it's not good for the blogger and it's not good for the sober community. It's sad when they have to make it private, but each traveler on this journey needs to decide what is best for them.

  2. I think we are in the same page! I feel the same and have to continuously talk myself out of drinking. Hope it passes soon. PDTG

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  4. Just seen this Ginger, I'm assuming you mean me re the private blog - turned private as I feared I'd accidentally revealed my booze-riddled blogging identity to an old school friend, so am in hiding!! Just for a bit! Basically I've been a technological nitwit. Back soon. So chuffed to see you've got to 50!!!! Red xx

    1. Yes Res it was you I was referring to. I was gutted that you had "closed" your blog and I was worried you were struggling. I genuinely felt sad. I commented a few days later too as I kept checking hoping it was a mistake. So happy to hear from you.