Wednesday, 6 July 2016

46/100 That's all

Day 46. Work better, I put my foot down and refused to take anything extra on until they review my role. Felt good to stand my ground and when my boss tried to mock me about it in front of others I asked her if she felt it was acceptable for us to treat patients and expect to not get paid for it? Because when she expects me to do work for free it is the same principle. I would never have been so bold before cos I was always worried that I would have the finger pointed at me because somehow they knew I was hungover all the time.

I confided in someone else today about not drinking, it was testing the waters really. I just mentioned I had stopped drinking for several weeks now cos I realised I, like so many others, was using alcohol as a crutch in the evening after a bad day at work. Her reaction? "Oh wow, good for you, that's amazing. Well done"

How about that for sober appreciation. She said "I get it, I sometimes drink too many beers at the weekend and feel rubbish on Monday and think why do I bother if it makes me feel like this." I think she was talking 3-4 beers not 30-40 but still it made me pleased to get such a rewarding response. I passed it off as I was feeling so much better without it that I didn't see any point in having a few but the cautiously added "anyway I think if I did have a few I would just be back to a bottle like so many others and I am over that"

Part of me felt like I should have owned it a bit more but there are so many potentially negative responses to stopping drinking I didn't want to make it seem like too much of a problem and get the look that indicates you are 'one of those drinkers'. This was just dipping my toe in the telling people water and this felt suitable and right for now. A small step but still a step.

Ginger Groundhog


  1. Hi Ginger!
    I think what you said to your co-worker about drinking is enough.
    And that was a big step!

  2. I think it was enough too. It is hard to talk about. Great that you got such a positive response - now you know of an ally.

  3. What a great response you got! I think if we went around to everyone and said similar we'd get a lot of the same responses. Alcohol is more of a struggle to others than we think.

  4. It's hard to know what to say to people. I think what you said was great and she was obviously very impressed!

  5. I had a client yesterday, who was very happy with me, ask if I drank wine. I said no, not anymore. She said "oh, well that's probably a very healthy habit." I said "I love wine but I just found I wasn't sleeping well and was lethargic." I also said "I find that if I want one I want 3 or 4 and that just knocks me off kilter so I gave it up indefinitely." And that was the end of that conversation. She asked if I liked chocolate next so I knew we were heading in the right direction! HA!