Saturday, 9 July 2016

47,48,49/100 Prioritising ME.

So much for the blogging everyday ha ha. LIFE happened I'm afraid and I am ok with that.

Today is the morning of day 49 seven weeks and I feel good. My best friend arrived for another visit last night, work was still stupid, crazy, ridiculously busy and stressful, daughter seems to be doing ok and everything is just ticking along. I have had several days where I have barely registered thinking about drinking, I know I gave thought about it but only in passing and not to focus in on it.

I am meandering along and don't have any pressing things to say and as my posts are always more organic than bloggers who plan their posts, I tend to launch myself into my trending thoughts rather than draft a well though out post. Well done all you bloggers who do it "properly" I can see the difference.

For now I am just going to revel in the fact drinking isn't a big deal at present, enjoy my friends company, eat some good home cooking (mine - what a braggart) and chat like only good friends can. I am in a really good place and feel relatively light and clear, I know my moods are somewhat mercurial but I think that is more ME than me recovering from drinking.

I know there is so much turmoil unrest and disharmony going on in the world but I am choosing to, for the time being, to hold onto this balloon of happiness and just drift for a bit. Like the serenity prayer says I am trying to recognise what I can and can't change. It's not that I don't care it is that I can't care too much right now as I have prioritised myself. I am fine with that and I hope you all are too.

With much love

Ginger Groundhog


  1. Don't change how you post, I like having the window into your thoughts. (That reads creepier than I meant, but I'm hoping you get the gist.)
    Lovely to read such positivity. I'm still at day 0 :(

    1. I spent ages at day 0-4 trying tryin trying. I know you can get there it's just a case of allowing yourself the opportunity to feel better. Didn't sound creepy at all re my thoughts.

  2. Ginger,
    I continue to be proud of you.
    You are working hard, and learning about how to really take care of you.
    You and your daughter, have to be the first priority.
    I used to be SO upset and angry at all the problems in the world and my country, US.
    My sponsor used to ask me, "So is all your anger changing anything? Have the terrorists stopped because you hate them?"
    She said I can act to do something, if I want change, but just sitting here holding the weight of the world on my shoulders, will not change anything.
    That lifted a curtain for me.
    Big Hugs!!

    1. Wow indeed, I read that one to my friend because sometimes I do feel like my anger will move mountains but no, it does nothing but affect me.

  3. So so good you're not really thinking about drinking! Congrats on week are going really well. PDTG x

    1. Yes this whole week has been just fleeting thoughts compared to the full on craving assault I was subjected to last week. PHEW is all I can say.

  4. Ginger you are doing so well! Love your posts, whatever you have to say. It's ok to focus on you. In fact it's a great idea.

    1. The only problem with me typing my stream if consciousness is I can see how it might be confusing but it feels like it is my style.