Friday, 15 July 2016

53 & 54 Wine in the house

Day 54 and I have wine in my house. Surprisingly I feel NOTHING, it is just another bottle. Thankfully it is Prosecco and white wine which hold no pull for me, may be a different story if it was red wine.

I poured my sister a glass of Prosecco and could smell it but thought no more of it. The only drink related thought I had was when I was stressing prior to their arrival and I thought " I am so stressed but I a, not thinking about drinking. If I get more stressed I wonder if I will want to drink?" It wasn't a craving it was more of a realisation that I used to have a nifty swifty before anyone arrived to take the edge off, now I don't do that, what do I do? Well I stayed with the stress about my house not being finished, small jobs unfinished and all the other mind bombs I detonate when I am stressed. I didn't want to drink I just thought about what if I did.

Luckily I am feeling nothing at all craving wise and feel very pleased that is how it has turned out. Having said that, I will fight the wine witch like an ally cat if she does show up cos I am not giving up how I feel these days.

Ginger Groundhog -Sober and proud.


  1. Ginger, you have come too far to give in now but try and avoid temptation. I felt a massive craving this week. I just walked past a wine bar with people enjoying food and large glasses of red and I actually felt my throat constrict. I don't think it goes away so be on your guard this weekend.

    Stay well


  2. Loving your attitude! And I'm going to steal your language about detonating mind bombs!

  3. It's funny how you DO get to that point that after many days where you don't want to drink but still think of it more in a passive, I wish I could, wouldn't it be nice, etc. Still, though, the occasional cravings do come out of the blue. On guard!

  4. Prosecco is so over-rated! Hope everything went well, glad to hear you're ready for the cravings. x

  5. So glad you are having no cravings. Excellent!!!!

  6. Hi Ginger!
    I am glad you signed your post, sober and proud!
    I hope you are still having a good visit with your sister.
    That is so important, not what we are drinking!