Saturday, 23 July 2016

63/100 Nine weeks and counting

Day 63 = nine whole weeks.

I am not yet over my temper tantrum meltdown and was exhausted tired today. I am just going with it as I seem to recall I have had a few (maybe you think too many) cranky rough days in the last 9 weeks and I have come out the other side, eventually. It is just kart of my journey.

I wish I could say I wasn't thinking about drinking but thoughts did plague me all day long, just throw the towel in, give it a break, just one more good few weeks and the inevitable, maybe this time I can keep it under control. I let all this play on in the back of my mind without paying it too much attention but just aware it was there and I need to be alert to it.

I went to the grocery store today and bought some more Becks Blue and when I was in line to pay, the family in front of me were finishing up. It looked like a grandpa, son and brother or son and grandson. Anyway the younger boy who was maybe 20's had some kind of mental disability and I had noticed the family earlier cos the grandpa seemed to be so kind to him and seemed to have a nice spirit. Anyway as I was loading my stuff onto the belt Becks Blue already near the front, I looked up and the middle guy who was maybe 40's had Becks Blue in his arms. We had split second eye contact and he gave me a smile that I can't quite explain but like ' yeah me too' friendly but a little bit sad or resigned. I wish I had given a smile back but I was just too slow to react, he turned and was gone.

I forgot to say I did reward my two months with a new phone. Mine, inherited from my daughter when she upgraded, has been slowly dying and acting up for weeks. I was looking at getting it repaired but the thought I should treat myself so I did, got and older version iPhone but still new, to mark the occasion.

Today is over and I am tucked up in bed, please let me feel a bit better tomorrow.

Ginger Groundhog


  1. I'm sure you'll feel better tomorrow. I hope so xx

    1. Thanks for that, I know I will feel better some day if not tomorrow

  2. Smart to just go to bed; I do that a lot myself...and you get as many cranky rough days as you like! Here's hoping for a better one tomorrow. iPhones make great bed-toys, don't'cha know: Kindle app, games, social media - what a great two-month reward!

    1. This is my first official treat so made it a big one. Will have to think of one for my 90th and 100th day, double reward. You too since you will be there approx 12 hours earlier.

  3. Hi Ginger!
    63 Days!
    I Phone is a great sober treat!!
    I hope you got some good rest.