Thursday, 4 August 2016

75/100 or 3/4 of the 100

Day 75 got better as the day wore on

1. The scaffolding is up and the builders come in tomorrow to strip all the old paint and render back to the old Cornish stone.
2. The daughter and I are back on speaking terms and have both unspoken decided to just let the argument go unaddressed.
3. My car decided it would start and get me to and from work without too much shuddering.
4. I feel like things in my life are changing, that I am progressing instead of stagnating. The house is a big benchmark for me and is like a new beginning again.
5. I am grateful to authors for taking the time to write books. A funny thing to be grateful for but I get such pleasure and escape from reading that I say thanks for taking the time to put it all together for mine and others enjoyment.

I am already thinking how grateful I will be for my morning coffee. Now it is my main addiction it has suddenly become most prevalent in my mind.

Ginger Groundhog


  1. Loving your gratitude lists. I'm glad you are back on speaking terms with your daughter. Sometimes you just have to agree to disagree. Well done on day 75! A x

  2. Three-quarters of the way there! Go you!

  3. Yey on 75 days! Loving these lists! I never thought to be grateful to authors. But now that you say it, it's obvious that I want to be grateful for them too.

  4. 75 days!!!! Yay. I too am so so happy authors put in the hard yards to write. Where would our lives be without books. Nothing like s good book. I told a friend of mine just yesterday that I now think of coffee the way I used to think about wine. Making sure I get my 'fix' everyday. You are doing so well. It sounds like your life is really changing. PDTG xx

  5. Congrats on 75! I am a book-aholic too!!! Problem is my eyeset is so bad now that I have to kindle everything....I really miss reading a nice paperback though!

  6. I love reading, too!
    I also love coffee!
    75 Days has a real nice feeling to it!

  7. I had coffee this morning after years of not fancying it. What a treat! Wonderful 75 days Ginger. I'm so happy for you.
    SO x

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