Tuesday, 10 January 2017

HELP -Support needed

Please, please if you have five minutes can you go and help a young man that has been brave enough to come back and post about a very hard few weeks that have had a major impact on his life.

Every now and the a post hits me and you want to be physically there for the person to let them know it's ok and that is one of the disadvantages of blogging.

So many of you have left comments for me that helped shape my sobriety and give me the strength to keep going and often in a very simple way.  That support is the gift we give eachother in this inter connected web. Please have a read and offer some of that golden salve of support to a fellow blogger who has once more come back hoping to try again.

Sober or Bust


  1. I just commented on his blog before I read yours. I hope he finds his way and we can help him.

    1. I agree. I am lucky in that right now I feel so secure I couldn't imagine drinking but it is so so easy to slip once and spend ages trying to get back to normal. Been there done that. Hope you are doing ok yourself.

    2. I will be 2 years sober in February! I have never felt better. Thanks

  2. Just commented and added him to my reading list!

  3. Thank you so much Ginger - I am beyond words for this. Thank you all for your words as well. They have been incredibly helpful and I can't tell you how thankful I am for all of you.
    -Sober or Bust

  4. I wrote a long comment but it disappeared, twice. Then short one that worked? Maybe it was too long...anyway i will follow his blog from now on. X

  5. Got a late start but I'm a follower now too.

  6. Right there Ginger -
    Great community post this
    Michelle xx

  7. Hi Ginger - I wrote this but can't somehow post it to his Sober or Bust blog.
    (it may be the swearing!) Anyway if you see I have done it then no problem but maybe let me know if still not there. As I posted it said "publishing" and I accepted the link in my email box... not so good on computers sometimes.

    To Sober or Bust:
    You know - fuck it (I say again) there sometimes needs to be a hell of a lot of research before we finally say NOT AGAIN. Some call it relapse (I think that is like calling something we are working on for the good of ourselves and others "failure") so I call it research.
    Good on you for doing some serious research and realising what you don't want to do or be.
    Con-fucking-gratulations I say !
    Michelle (NZ) xx
    PS Annie Grace talks about percentages in (I think one of Hurrah for Coffee's posts) it's a way more positive step in the right direction.