Sunday, 21 May 2017

365/365 - One Year

I have written a thousand posts in my head for today and marking one year.

The irony is, like this time last year I woke up feeling nauseaus and like I was dying. Like last year I spent the majority of the day in bed feeling sorry for myself. However, this year I know for sure this was not my fault, not something I brought about myself and is probably a 24 hour bug rather than  lazy years alcohol poisoning.

Whatever it is/was, as I am still a bit poorly, it has taken the big TA-DA! out of my day.

All that aside, I have made it here with only one hiccough along the way. It can be done and you will feel so much better for it. Believe me, if I can say that today then anything is possible.

Today felt a bit of a damp squib compared to how I expected it to be but in some sadistic way, it was an excellent reminder of how so many days, mornings were spent feeling sick and sorry for myself. Before I used to try and fight through it and appear normal so no one knew, today I just let myself feel ill because I had nothing to cover up.

I will save my celebratory post for another day but I had to at least confirm that I made it here and with no regrets. The only regret is that it took me so long to do it for real.

Ginger (or should that be green) Groundhog


  1. One year, wonderful! I am delighted to read this and only hope you feel better soon. I look forward to reading your celebratory thoughts soon xxx

  2. Way to go GG!!! So happy for you!!! Congratulations! I hope you feel better! xo

  3. Congratulations on one year Ginger!!!! I am so sorry you are poorly, at least you know it wasnt self inflicted;) You are one amazing lady. I'm getting a tatoo on my one year, fancy getting one?

  4. Congrats Ginger - well deserved. I am so proud of you!! You have come such a long way. Audrey

  5. Hi Ginger, Congratulations! One year is so amazing :)

    Even if today you feel a bit (or a lot) off you are right it is so very worth it.

    I want to say a big thank you to you for the advice you gave me about change. I don't know if you remember but it was the "gold" advice, and suggesting that even though I was feeling great change, to take it easy and slowly moving through it. Not to go crazy with it and how I would feel real inner change the more into sobriety I went.

    I completely love this advice and it has helped me so much. So true too. The changes I feel inside now compared to 3 months in are deeper and much more solid than before, I am glad I didn't rush around and make any changes and just let them flow through me.

    Thank you so much GG :)
    Michelle xxx

  6. So many congratulations Ginger, and hope you are feeling better. xxx

  7. Congratulations. Keep going. It only gets better!

  8. Congratulations! I am so happy for you. It seems the process to physical and mental health after so much abuse is slower than we realize. I find the down days (or sick days) have become fewer and far between. Take good care of yourself. One year is such an amazing accomplishment!

  9. Wonderful milestone, be proud, very proud.

  10. Huge congrats GG! It's been so wonderful sharing the last year with you. You are awesome! Hope you're feeling better ❤️❤️❤️

  11. Congratulations! I hope you're feeling better. You have come so far in one year! It's so great to be able to follow your journey!

  12. Congratulations on your year milestone! I hope you are feeling better now.xxxx

  13. congrats! Sending good vibes your way!

  14. Ha, started a post and deleted, eh? It started out good, what I could see, lol! Hope all going well! Hugs.

    1. No not deleted it, just needed to complete it on my laptop. When I type on my ipad it lets me go so far and then wont let me go any further. I needed my laptop which I couldn't find until my daughter came home and admitted she had taken it. Hence the 12 hour delay between start and finish ha ha.
      Hope you are doing well HD. I am really out of the swing of reading blogs these days and only catch up every few weeks.