Monday, 26 March 2018

Day 30 - Wooooo Hooooo

Day 30 and I literally cannot believe it. 😀

Since my last post I haven't really thought about drinking except for one morning when at 07.30 I had a thought that I was fine to drink now as it had been EASY to quit this time (WHAT????????????)   Seemingly my crazy brain had forgotten the 500 times in the past 7 months I had tried and failed to quit.

I was sitting here tonight and my friend messaged me to ask how I was doing and how was the drinking? I had to look at my phone to check what day it was.

I haven't thought about what to write tonight so this is just a TA-DA I made 30 days post.

If you are struggling to string a few days together at a time it is so important to keep trying because one time it will stick because something is different and your motivation is stronger and you have totally HAD ENOUGH. It is very much a case of "if at first you don't succeed try and try again"

Despite all my tail between my legs posts saying "I drank again" I have managed to make 30 days and am in a better position to know that this feels right rather than the bleary eyed, tired, depressed, struggling Ginger that lost her way for those 7 months.

Keep trying and have faith that you can do it no matter how hard.



  1. YAY!!! I am super proud of you. Never give up is one of my mottos!
    Big Hugs!

  2. Huzzah! Strong work by you! I too am proud of and happy for you. Great news. :-)


  3. 30 days is awesome! I know how hard it is after a relapse to grasp onto that feeling of “it feels right this time” ....we know what it feels like from our previous long term sobriety but it can be so tough to get back to it. I agree with you that anyone struggling should just keep trying! Way to go Ginger - I’m super happy for you xo

  4. Wonderful! Excellent! Exciting! You're doing so well. I'm super happy for you! xo, lia leon

  5. Well done, Ginger! 30 days is awesome indeed! So proud of you. :)
    Big hugs from across the pond.
    J xx

  6. Fabulous - and I love that you've found it so much easier this time!! Well done on the 30 Ginger, massive hugs! X

  7. Awesome GG! Good for you and glad you are feeling great!

  8. Well done Ginger, I knew you would do it. Its bloody hard dragging yourself out of a relapse. Just ask me I'm a pro:)

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  10. Woo hoo, Ginger! That's amazing. If you can make it thirty days, you can make it much longer. It's those first few days/weeks that always tripped me up.